The company Mototechnika Józef Zborowski General Partnership has been implementing research and development (R&D) projects since 2004 as a member of the Scientific Consortium. These are both international and domestic projects, implemented, as part of the Eureka Eurostars initiative, State Defense and Security.

The Mototechnika company actively participated in the performance of innovative tests of forging aluminum alloys (e.g. control arms) and MMC (dispersion-reinforced aluminum composites) for vehicles operating in difficult operating conditions. The following research institutes were involved in the project: Łukasiewicz Research Network – IMP, IOd, ITS, IMN.

As a result of the research and development work carried out, i.a. production technology of complete forged suspension elements made of aluminum alloys. The effects obtained as a result of the project implementation enable the production of forgings of the control arm housings made of aluminum alloy and the production of complete control arms, i.e. housings with a flexible metal-rubber joint and a spherical joint.

The consortium developed a nitriding technology with heat treatment and cryogenic treatment for hot and cold forming tools. This technology has the advantage over classic nitriding that nitrided layers are produced in a shorter time on tools and allows to limit excessive growth of the subsurface layer of iron nitrides, which, with an excessive amount, tend to surface cracking and chipping.

Projects implemented as part of the Consortium.

Opracowanie innowacyjnych technologii produkcji wahaczy kompletnych ze stopów aluminium”

„Innowacyjna obróbka cieplno-chemiczna narzędzi skrawających i do obróbki”

„Zastosowanie grafenu i nowych technologii wielowarstwowych materiałów wybuchowych w materiałach na wkładki kumulacyjne”

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