We produce four categories of suspension system components: stabilizer links, which are the main core of the company’s production, ball joints, control arms and metal-rubber bushings, which constitute a certain supplement to the product offer. In recent years, we have been developing particularly strongly the control arms offer.

About 350 references in the stabilizer link category
About 150 references in the ball joint category
About 50 references in the control arm group

Link stabilizer

The link stabilizer is an element that ensures driving comfort, but also ensures safety when turning and driving on uneven surfaces. Thanks to it, each of the wheels properly adheres to the road surface during the turning maneuver. The link stabilizer produced by us are normally covered with a zinc coating.

Ball joint

The ball joint allows the steering knuckle to be attached to the control arm. Responsible for amortization and the turning of the wheels, keeping them in the right position at the same time. Its damage can be a significant threat and, consequently, lead to an accident. The ball joints are phosphate coated to extend their service life.

Control arm

The control arms, as one of the main elements of the suspension system, are responsible for the stability of the vehicle during various maneuvers, and also improve safety and driving comfort. Control arms, as a product group is currently, a strongly developing production department of the company.


Silentblocks are responsible for damping vibrations, reducing stress and friction between the metal parts of the suspension, thus allowing the individual parts to be properly embedded in the car structure. This group complements the product offer.

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