Our production is currently focused on three categories of steering components: axial rods, tie rod ends and center rods. The offer currently includes nearly 350 items from these three categories of steering components, and of course the offer is constantly being expanded.

About 100 references from the axial rods category
About 200 references from the tie rod ends category
About 10 references in the centre rods category

Axial rods

Axial rods are necessary elements enabling efficient steering of the car. Generally speaking, they are part of the so-called steering trapezoid, responsible for turning the front wheels. The axial rods are exposed to unfavorable weather and road conditions. Therefore, to increase the service life, our bars are protected with a phosphate coating

Tie road ends

Tie rod ends are the components that connect the axial rod to the steering knuckle. They are responsible for swinging the steering knuckle at such an angle, that the turn of the wheel corresponds to the movements of the steering wheel.

Like the axial rods, tie rod ends also have a phosphate coating.

centre rods

The center rods are also part of the steering system. The center rods, however, ensure better handling of the car and less wear on the tires. They work especially well, when driving a car over uneven terrain.

Steering brackets

A product group dedicated to FSO Polonez cars.

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